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Latest Articles

What is Julius Malema?
11 May 2009 ~ Humor > Satire
Julius Malema, ANC Youth Leader, is a joke on his own.
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IP address finder | IP address display tool | What is my IP address | What is IP address display
What is IP address display?
16 Jul 2008 ~ Web Design > SEO Webmaster Tools
The IP address display is a free tool used to display a user's external IP address on your website. This tool displays a visitor's IP address in an image on your website. This tool acts as a IP address finder.
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What is visitor's IP address | Determine IP address of person visiting my website
What is visitor IP address?
16 Jul 2008 ~ Programming > Visual C# in ASP.Net
Asp.net with C# provides ways of determining IP addresses of visitors to your website. Simply check the server variables HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, as well as REMOTE_ADDR. The server variable HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR will return the real IP address of the person. If the person is behind a proxy or router, the server variable REMOTE_ADDR will return the IP address of the proxy or router.
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Free Website Speed Test Online Tool | Test speed of website
What is Website Speed Test?
6 Jul 2008 ~ Web Design > SEO Webmaster Tools
The website speed test free online tool allows you to determine the speed at which your website loads. Having a good website host allows your website to load faster. Fast loading websites rates high in the good books of search engines. If you would like to place this tool on you own website please click here.
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What is JavaScript setTimeout versus setInterval? | JavaScript how to repeat actions | Delayed execution of actions
What is setTimeout versus setInterval?
18 Jun 2008 ~ Programming > JavaScript
The JavaScript function setTimeout and setInterval performs an action after a specified time period. The difference between setTimeout and setInterval is that setTimeout performs an action only once once after the specifed time period ellapses, and setInterval keeps repeating the action. The actions started by setTimeout and setInterval can be stopped by using the methods clearTimeout and clearInterval respectively.
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Latest Facts

7 Feb 2009 ~ What is the division on a track called within which an athlete must remain?
7 Feb 2009 ~ What is the science of sound called?
7 Feb 2009 ~ In Lawn Bowls, what is the name of the target ball?
7 Feb 2009 ~ What is an eyrie?
7 Feb 2009 ~ Which U.K. soccer team is known as the Magpies?

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