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Clever Facts Section

Clever Facts Section

This is the short fact section of whadiz.com. Answers are concise and to the point. Don't expect long explanations here! These are fun trivia questions, use them to enhance your trivia knowledge.

Get the answer, get the fact:

What is the division on a track called within which an athlete must remain?
What is the science of sound called?
In Lawn Bowls, what is the name of the target ball?
What is an eyrie?
Which U.K. soccer team is known as the Magpies?
What are Adeles, Africa (Jackasses) and Macaronis?
What is in the centre of Somalia's otherwise plain blue flag?
What is the value of the letter Q in Scrabble?
Which fish is the most poisonous to man?
What is the name of the hobbit in the JRR Tolkien book "The Hobbit"?
What was the original name of Blood River?
What is the correct medical term for the knee-cap?
What sporting term is based on the old French word, "nomper" meaning unequal?
What illness is Nevirapine used to treat?
What is the title of South African Pop Idol Heinz Winckler's first album?
What is a pelargonium?
What is the highest ranking suit in bridge?
What does the word giga signify in computer language?
What is the smallest mammal found in South Africa?
What, in degrees, is the sum of the internal angles of a rhumbus?
What is Scarborough Fair?
What is the Gregorian Calendar?
What is the science of growing plants without soil?
What is the name of the instrument which is Italian for "large trumpet"?
Which Zulu leader has been referred to as the "Black Napoleon"?
What was the name of the first reusable space shuttle?
What is the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool?
What is the name of the scientific study of weather patterns?
What are the following: dandy, gig and smack?
What is the national currency of Botswana?
What part of the body do rhinologists study?
What is a pregnant goldfish called?
What is Hulk Hogan's real name?
What flower is traditionally given at Easter?
What is the only bird that can fly backwards?
What is web scraping?
What was Sri Lanka formerly known as?
What is Barbie?
What is a positive integer?
What was Elvis Presley's middle name?
What is Polyamory?
What is xenophobia?
What is the wife of a marquess called?
What mountain is home of the Greek gods?
What is Nelson Mandela's birthdate?
What is the meaning of Amigos?
What is the Free Hugs Campaign?
What is the meaning of purple roses?
What is ricin?
What nationality is Barack Obama?
What is the singer Madonna's real name?

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