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What is Sql Server?

Sql Server is an entity relational database developed by Microsoft. The latest release is Sql Server 2008. Prior releases include Sql Server 2005 and Sql Server 2000. The standard sql-statements can be used to query data in Sql Server. Additional methods and functions are provided that are unique to Sql Server, and are known as Transact-Sql (T-Sql). 

Sql Server Articles:

What is sql datepart? | Sql Server datepart | Sql server datepart example | Sql datepart
What is datepart?
29 Apr 2008 ~ Databases > Sql Server
Sql datepart is a date and time function to get a specific part of a datetime value. Sql datepart can be used to get either the day, month, year or any other part of the datetime value. Sql datepart returns an integer value.
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What is Charindex? | Find position of character | Sql Server Charindex | Charindex in Sql Server
What is charindex?
11 Mar 2008 ~ Databases > Sql Server
Sql charindex is a sql server function that indicates the first position of a character or a character string within another character string. When a character or character string is found with sql charindex, the starting position is indicated with a non-zero positive integer value. If a character or character string is not found with charindex, a zero integer value is returned. charindex's starting position is 1, unlike other index search functions that would normally return 0 as the first position.
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What is Sql newid? | Sort using Sql newid | Unique newid | Is newid unique? | Sql newid | Globally unique identifier
What is newid?
26 Feb 2008 ~ Databases > Sql Server
Sql newid() is a Transact-Sql function for returning a “uniqueidentifier”, commonly known as globally unique identifier. Sql newid() can be used to randomly sort records.
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