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Free Website Speed Test Online Tool | Test speed of website

What is Website Speed Test?

The website speed test free online tool allows you to determine the speed at which your website loads. Having a good website host allows your website to load faster. Fast loading websites rates high in the good books of search engines. If you would like to place this tool on you own website please click here

How to use the online website speed test tool?

List the url's of websites or webpages in the textbox below. You can either list individual pages or only the domain name. Results will be given once "Check" is clicked. Read the guideline recommendations regarding the results below.

Domains to check: (Maximum of 5 websites can be cheched at a time, place each website on a seperate line)


Guideline on how to interpret the results:

HTML Page Weight:

The smaller your page sizes, the faster load times you will achieve. Average web pages today is in the region of 250 kB - this size pages is however unaceptable for slower internet connections. Different types of rendering methods, and the use of div's instead of tables, may give the impression of faster load times. Photo galary pages on the other hand, will allways be big.

< 50 kB Acceptable Your pages are not too big and will load in a reasonable time.
< 80 kB Caution Look at reducing or compression the size of the page.
> 80 kB Warning Load time may be unacceptable. The user may have left the webpage even before it has finished loading.

Load Time:

Some users are patient and others impatient. If your page size is small, but your webpage loads slowly, your server may be overloaded.

< 10 s Acceptable Your webpage loads in a reasonable time. Most users will wait for the page to load.
< 20 s Caution Users will leave if they can get similar content elsewhere faster.
> 20 s Warning Unacceptable, unless your webpage is a special case - reporting tool, photo gallery, page contains long documents etc.

Average Speed Per KiloByte:

The average speed per KiloByte determines how fast your server can serve up pages. The smaller this value, the better. However, at some points in time your server may experience some load, at which time this value might appear higher. If this value appears high constantly, your server may be a bottleneck - you should then consider moving your website to another server or host.

< 0.25 s Acceptable No load is being experienced, or latency in connection.
< 0.4 s Caution Smaller pages will still load in a reasonable time.
> 0.4 s Warning Your server may be experiencing some load, or latency in connection.

Please note the following regarding the results:

  • Any images, external stylesheets, and external JavaScript files are excluded in calculating the load time for the requested webpages.
  • Use the results only as a guideline and as a comparison tool between websites.
  • Results may vary, because load on our own server may also vary.
  • The values given in "Guideline on how to interpret the results" is only a guideline - make up your own mind on the results. Some websites might have special circumstances and will not fit in with the values given.

Place this tool on your own website

Simply copy and paste the following html code into your own webpage:

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